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Patrik Eng (Ta Kung) wrote:
Even if o'sensei was a bit faster than Carl Lewis (=unlikely), it still doesn't explain why he didn't get shot... since he still had to run straight towards the shooters, right?

If their aim was any good, he'd been hit even if he was fast enough to come as near them as 0.1 m.

Or did he run a few yards to the left first and then straight towards the shooters? If he was THAT fast, he probably had time to stop for tea first...
1: Due to the shooters not wanting to realy kill O'Sensei they probably would not have "lead" him if they had seen him move.

2: They all probably only fired 1 shot anyway, they were not shooting and shooting and shooting at him desperately trying to hit him.

3: In a firing squad, its customary to take aim only on the torso and the head, a duck into the shape of a "ninja" as described in the story would have been enough to allow the bullets to pass over him.

4: If the shooters were not wearing ear-muffs, it is quite possible that they all closed their eyes in reflex to the loud noise as well.

O'Sensei's timing needed to be absolutely spot on to pull this off convincingly and survive afterwards, however given these theories, I am sure he could have done it.

Also take into consideration that we dont have a version of this story from the shooters, only from one bystander who happened to have been a close friend and student of O'Sensei. So its quite possible that the shooters did see him running at them at high speed but they were unwilling and not ordered to shoot at him again.
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