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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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I think this calls for my response.

My view to sum up me and my perspective with regards to 'perceived' or real attack is based on masakatsu and agatsu. The only enemy is in yourself.

To me when people lose it or even think they know about someone else is a prime example.

Even in the world as a whole, country to country you can look at it from this viewpoint and see a lack of masakatsu and agatsu. A country warring with another, usually under false pretenses, etc, all due to power etc. The thing is meanwhile their own country is less than normal let alone perfect with suffering and unemployment etal. The blame and the solution is not elsewhere but is used as an excuse for such warring behaviour. No masakatsu and agatsu.

Get your own house in order, make your own house a wonderful place for the only enemy to doing such is within.

This does not mean I am anti military or any such thing for if you are beset upon by another country who cannot get their own house in order and thus chooses to attack you to get your oil or resources or to manipulate their own people for internal power reasons or whatever then you stike and strike hard.

Thus the same goes in any circles including and especially Aikido. Get your own house in order. Others houses are none of your business really and attacking them because of personal belief is foolhardy, shows me something is wrong in your own scene, and there we go again. No masakatsu and agatsu.

Do I care what anyone says about the videos? No for they don't know. They shout about the need to feel it yet at the same time think they can be experts without doing so.

Do I care about attacks of me? No for it is only a lack once again of masakatsu and agatsu. They are attacking themselves without even knowing it.

I have a house. My Aikido house is happy, in order, progressive. My way is mine. My way gives what it promises. That's all I really need to know and oversee.

Like all those who have their way they are thus certain and opinionated as to how they do it and their views, be they Ueshiba, Saito, Tohei, Bill bloggs, whoever.

Their responsibility is their way and making sure it delivers what they promise. There responsibility is not attacking others or proving to others.

I welcome all constructive sharing of opinions and refute all 'assumptions'. The assumptions may apply to all manner of people they have met or read or whatever but I am me and they are they. Very simple.

There is a powerful connection between spiritual and application and the vehicle of Aikido is perfect for such. That as the prime is my way. 99% may not be aware or used to this approach. That's fine by me I only say it is and I do.

If that scares you, if you see that as some kind of threat, if you see that as impossible, if you see that as not fitting to your empirical methods, if you see that as strange, so what? That's you not me.

I am beholden not to you, only the people I have delivered the promise to.

You can be glad someone is doing a style their way and their students are winning and happy or not.

All else pales into insignificance.

I have never met a person yet who wasn't happily impressed. That's all I need to know. I don't follow others 'you must do this or do that to be accepted by us' . I teach only those who want to learn the connection of spiritual and the reality of it and effectiveness. I do this from day one, no twenty years nonsense. It is not the same as I/P and yet it is not physical either and there again it is not airy fairy either. Therefor that alone tells you you have not felt it and chances are don't have much experience of it. The only times I heard someone follow what I have said and say openly that they have felt such things ( for example George Ledyard) but don't see how I could be doing that brings me to a main point also.

I don't fit your usual image or progress line. Not my problem.

Those who approach me in the right manner in order to learn my way are satisfied, in fact more than. Those who just want to feel so they can talk about are given short thrift. As a three times karate champion told me, she was fed up going around doing seminars and demos like some kind of show pony. She was fed up with other karateda wanting to know how to knock people out etc. She knew the real gains of Karate and wanted no more to do with the politics and show.

She wishes they would concentrate on getting their own house in order too and stop trying to prove something. A very aware lady.

Have fun doing your own way, I do.


I get this.