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Re: Spiritual and i/p

David Orange wrote: View Post
Thank you, Matt. Is the jinja shinto you mention through Barrish Sensei? I had a friend who trained with him several years ago: Sharon OBrien. She's a math teacher now, maybe around Bellingham.
Yes, through Barrish Sensei. In fact I just saw Sharon at the Aiki Taisai we just had. I hadn't seen her in several years (I'm just returning to my training), so it was real nice to say hi. I've only trained with her a handful of times, but I always remember feeling like I learned a lot each time.

Really, everything changed for me the day I really recognized ki as describe in the Ki Eureka! thread. It was about 16 months ago. Then, at the time of the tsunami, I recognized the Fire and Water principles in my own body. And just a day or two later, I understood kokoro. And I've had a serious of follow-up understandings since then so that my life has been changing and changing very quickly for the past 16 months, most recently with the recognition of Takemusu or ki musubi when that maniac tried to assault me on my front porch.
I'll have to read that thread. I remember skimming it a couple times, but obviously that's not quite the same. I'm still working on finding a distinct recognition of ki so I'm very curious to hear what others experience.

As to the heartbeat and breath, that goes back to kokoro and I have really been pondering that idea ever since. Here's a line from my most recent poem, Flight of the Venus Satellite, which I hope to make available soon as an e-book:

"Man walks,
woman walks,
hearts beat,
spirits meet,
a fly lights on a pond.

Concentric ripples coincide
With ripples cast by other lives.

Only one side of the surface is water.
The other side is the surface of sky.

Being and nothingness:
in between, the human heart,
a gossamer sheen, vibrates,
with every thing."

Is that something like you meant?

Thanks and Cheers.

I like that! Thank you! I can't claim to know much of anything on kokoro, but that rings some bells, yes.
Doumo arigato gozaimasu!
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