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Re: Sam FS Chin - Seattle, WA - June 2 & 3 2012

Sifu Sam Chin just finished a seminar here in Hawaii. Of course, what he taught was I Liq chuan but the principles can also be applied to Aikido which we were (from what I know) never taught in learning Aikido. Most of us were beginners in I Liq chuan. Sifu emphasize the understanding of the principles of I Lig Chuan verses techniques Never mind the ki, never mind the techniques but if we do not understand the principles of what and why we are doing what we are doing, then all the techniques in the world will not make you a better martial artist. Bottom line, I Lig chuan does fills the gap that has been missing in Aikido. (my opinion only, of course). HIghly recommended for Aikidokas who wants to understand and learn Aikido verses just be satisfied with Ai-Do.
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