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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Passive-aggressive!? Why must you hate freedom, David?
You, know, of course, that I wasn't referring to you?

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Regarding put up or shut up, I agree with the principle of proving through example, but I don't believe in the "shut up" part. For lack of a more subtle description, people have the right to be wrong, never mind the "half-right" things that might get said. I think the "shut up" side of that equation poisons conversations that could be better, if not, plain ol' good. In person it makes more sense than on a forum of communication, at least.
Well, it's "put up or shut up...or be recognized as a phony," really.

The thing is, someone makes an idiot statement that they cannot back up with actions. Then they have to expect to be called on it.

And then others rush in crying that you told a phony to "put up or shut up."

I don't see the "shut up" as "poisoning" conversations that "could be" good or even better.

If a "scientist" claims E=MC3, for instance, what will all the other scientists say? Prove it!

What was Einstein's achievement?

He proved E=MC2 with mathematics.

In budo, claims have to be proven with ability, or they are simply BS. Or, as in the case of Ueshiba's many references to Chinese concepts, you have to have documentation.

Now with so many of our passive-aggressive posters, they cannot show because they don't have ability, but they also reject documentation of Ueshiba's statements, claiming that the existing translations are perfectly fine, though they, themselves cannot read Japanese....

They can't prove what they, themselves claim and they reject claims that others have thoroughly proven.

What kind of useful conversation can come of that, ha ha?

Best to you.


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