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Re: Spiritual and i/p

David Orange wrote: View Post
Maybe that's people who can't put up so they decide to shut up?

Usually, however, if people have that kind of mind, in my experience, they just throw insults at Dan from a distance because they are too frightened even to meet him. They have black belts and they're proud of those black belts, but their real power is in the tongue, which has no bones.

Thus, it has to be felt. You really can't comment until you've felt it. And Dan's not the only one who can show it. He has often said that.

But what is it that compels people with NO experience on the subject to make continual repetitive comments about it?

They also get very cultish among people who refuse to experience it but assure everyone that they understand it.


I'm just defending my right to withhold judgement on the issue until I've encountered some convincing evidence (I know, IHTBF).

I'm not hurling insults at Dan (though I believe you that some do), and I'm not commenting on his ability to do things or teach things.

I can still comment on the quality of the evidence, the quality of the arguments in favor or against, the general quality of the discussion around the topic, and the attitude and demeanor of those who participate. These are all public sphere, open for observation and comment, and I use these publicly observable phenomena to decide how much energy to invest in further investigation. In the end, it is my own decision and it only affects me.

You seem very convinced and very sincere, and maybe one day I will be a believer as well. Until then, I don't see any reason why my criticality should be seen as an insult. After all, IHTBF, right?

I'll take your to determination to convince me and others as a genuine enthusiasm to share something that you feel is special and awesome. Thank you for that.