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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Conrad Gustafson wrote: View Post
That's a good argument, but there could be other reasons why nobody has publicly come forward with a negative opinion. In the public sphere, Dan has a history of being somewhat aggressive in the face of criticism. Most people would rather not get dragged into a public conflict.
Maybe that's people who can't put up so they decide to shut up?

Usually, however, if people have that kind of mind, in my experience, they just throw insults at Dan from a distance because they are too frightened even to meet him. They have black belts and they're proud of those black belts, but their real power is in the tongue, which has no bones.

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To clarify, I'm certainly not arguing that IP/IS is BS. I'm simply pointing out that I don't feel convinced based on what I've read on the Internet (absent of direct experience, admittedly) that it is the holy grail of martial arts and the missing component in 99% of the world of aikido.
Thus, it has to be felt. You really can't comment until you've felt it. And Dan's not the only one who can show it. He has often said that.

But what is it that compels people with NO experience on the subject to make continual repetitive comments about it?

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I don't think any rational human would begrudge me the right to apply the usual critical thinking skills. Once you give that up, things get cultish pretty quickly.
They also get very cultish among people who refuse to experience it but assure everyone that they understand it.


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