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Re: Tips?

Seems to me your sensei gave you good advice. Don't worry - just do good aikido (and show them that you are beginning to get a grasp of what that is to you).

At nidan (which I passed about half a year ago) I think its time to show some early stages of independent thought on what is your aikido in stead of just doing 'the standard', so don't worry. They will probably allow some leeway and accept that you have a somewhat different approach to aikido than someone with only same-dojo pedigree.. Deciding if you have 2. dan level material inside you should be easy for a high-level aikido instructor no matter what style he comes from.

Now the cumbersome task of deciding what you think is good Aikido is up to you.. so get down to it and show them that you are ready to express your own aikido.

Have fun


- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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