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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Not true, even in the past, even less true now. Koichi Tohei is the most obvious (and public) example of this, but I personally know people that were not permitted to teach certain things while they were at hombu. The younger generation of instructors is increasingly homogenous.


What do you mean not true? All the various well known styles and associations were formed by his direct students. Tohei is hardly an example against what I said. Ueshiba was not against him teaching how he taught.

Of course there would be some things that wouldn't be allowed. As I said, if you don't like it leave. There is however quite a bit of leeway. That should be respected and honoured I would say by those in the organization. Strikes me some don't know how lucky they are.

The overall tone I hear is 'oh it's not like it used to be, oh it's getting worse. ohhhhhh.' I never knew budo people could make such good whingers. Seems a bit of a contradiction to me.