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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Oh, Chris, come on. We're talking about what the man himself said about his own art. There's no comparison with random documents written by unknowns over a century after Jesus' death.
The gospel of Thomas is early source. The Hebrew disciples saw Jesus as the Liberator from Rome and Caesar..... The bringer of Shalom in the here and now upon earth.
The Greek mind saw Jesus as Christ (some neo-platonic ideal that Homer, Plato and Aristotle had prepared the way for the logos.) the Gnostics saw Christos and logos as the archetype for everyone realizing the Christ within.

So we have 3 perspectives of the event of Morehei Urshiba: first are the rough house boys who say Aikido is a martial art, others say the founder used the art to express his spiritual teachings, and others say, hey, I like the yoga of rolling and falling. It puts me into my body.