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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Dismissing sounds good. Perhaps there is also a desire to "protect" young and some not-so-young students whom you believe are being instructed in an heretical or heterodox manner.

Could this be the agenda?

Could it be one you and others have appropriated without allowing the agency of the other folks to ask you for such "protection"? Could this be the core source of all the heated discussion?

Just some thoughts.


Could be close.
As I said everyone has agendas. Agendas are not a bad thing of themselves. Been on this forum a couple of years now Chris and watched the 'agenda' scenes and scenarios. There's one in particular I like.

My view on Ueshiba and how he taught is from the view that he was spiritual and it showed in his teaching. At the hombu dojo in the early days and still up to now every teacher was allowed to teach his own particular style of what Ueshiba taught them. They even then went out and formed their own set ups of their particular brand. Ueshiba seemed to actively encourage this. Very spiritual and very organic.

Meanwhile those who wanted to teach still in the official organization be it at home or abroad came under the Aikikai or affiliations. Even now the attitude of Doshu is one of let it develop. In other words the teachers across the world in the Aikikai have quite a bit of freedom as to how they teach. Thus allowed to a great extent to develop their own way, to make it theirs.

Now here's the funny thing. Those who are always griping about the hombu and complaining about it and even accusing sometimes of hidden agendas remind me only of politics where an extreme party has the freedom of speech only to then get in power and ban freedom of speech. I often wonder 'why bite the hand that feeds you?' Thus I can only assume agendas.

I t also reminds me of a crowd of guys in ladbroke grove coming down to a pub angry about another crowd who had made the pub their kind of base or local. They were angry because they considered these others less entitled as they were not originally from that area. It was war time.

I couldn't help laughing especially as I knew both sets of people. Laughing at the stupidity. I took a couple of the leaders aside and listened to their argument then pointed out a simple truth. Your area, many pubs. You don't like this one or the peolple in it then go to one of the many others. What's the problem?

It was amazing, it was like they had never considered it or looked at it that way. Harmony restored.

Agendas, even hidden from self, cause griping and complaining. Don't like somewhere, then leave, what's the problem? Otherwise you are merely the enemy within.