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Anthony Loeppert
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Re: Daito's Roppokai, Aiki Age, Aiki Sage and The Hammer

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post

I just noticed that you are in San Diego. I will be finishing a protection detail on or about June 9. I will likely go to visit John Clodig (Fallbrook) and Parker Linekin (Academy of the Martial Arts) in Mira Mesa. I may also look up a new dojo that an old buddy just opened in San Diego.

If any of these areas are easy for you to join us, please advise.


Mira mesa especially... but any are possible; San Diego isn't so big As your plans become more concrete please let me know.
and as to the other message: "I also hope that you are sincere and kind."
I can only vouch for myself that I am sincere and hope (wish) others think I'm kind.

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