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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hello Condrad
I would like to point out that I am one...count, of a list of people who both do and teach this stuff.
1. This is not about me.
2. We have not rediscovered anything. It is as old as the hills
3. What we state is that it is all but gone from aikido and other arts, and those that have some or most of it, are not doing a good job of teaching it.

Those are some very different points than what you portray.

One last critical set of questions that always...and I mean always fails to be mentioned in these counter arguments.
4. Why is it that all who feel it...want to train it?
This includes an incredible list of Shihan, Menkyo and Senior teachers?
Why Conrad?
5. Why has Four top world famous Japanese shihans sign off and approved of it after seeing what it is doing to their student/shihan teachers
6. Why has every....single.... one....of you failed against it and that is not acknowledged?
7. And why is that fact...never brought up? It's been stated often enough. I'm just curious.

You don't have to reply to me but as I am usually put as someone who counter argues about I/P then those 'critical questions befuddle me as well as the first three points, well especially 2 and 3.

If you (3) 'plural' state it is all but gone from Aikido and other arts then it appears to me you must have rediscovered it in order to put it back in. Thus 2 don't make sense. On reintroducing it it would then allow others to rediscover it also. Mmmmm. maybe it's a language thing.

4) All??? I doubt it.

5) The answers quite obvious, they found it useful for them. I'd like to ask them myself though for I would ask for their particular reasons and how it fits into Aikido for them and where it doesn't.

6) Not true. In fact impossible.

7) Because it's not a fact and could never be.

There you are, I've now brought it up.

Note that even what I say there doesn't make me against I/P. I just disagree with certain over exaggerated statements.