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Bruce Baker
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I don't think so. The figures of our religion, our interests, and even our idols ... such as emblems, or actual statues, are indeed the resolution of our inner turmoil manifesting itself into a physical presence. Basically our childlike mind is satisfied with the idol worship. If it wasn't, why are there so many religious icons?

All I am saying is that there is a balance to having religious piety, and then drinking and carousing on a Friday and Saturday night. The very mind of rationalizing one religion against another without considering the end result of peace and allignment to find peace in your religion, is overlooked in the icons/idols.

The duality of those who bend their knees on sunday, and are looking for loose sex on Friday is the imbalance of personality that has a difficult time understanding balance of a happy moral life.

Maybe I am aiming this as the younger practitioners who are throwing caution to the wind, burning the candle at both ends, seeking the mystical wisdom of the people who become Icons as well as the objects we use as a type of misunderstood idol for Aikido practice, but in doing so, there is an equality of understanding that you bow not for the rules, but out of true understanding.

Whether or not you understand the need for idols, or see the turmoil that makes you have blind faith, or any faith at all, are you running a game, or are you being the real you?

I would hope, most of here are ourselves, either in what we post, or who we are in person. Good, Bad, indifferent.

But ...

What about the people who come to train, run the game of duality? Any stories?
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