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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Results Chris...results.
We are talking about internal power. I know and have trained with several people of that persuasion who have no power at all. Were people like this to "have power" one can only ask why their martial arts look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. I see them throw and they go up on their toes, I see them making big moves that hardly effect anyone...and with all this good "shaministic power" they talk about...Okomoto and Angier....and do VERY poor imitations, mimicing their movements. I find it all very peculiar.
Results Chris...results.
In lue of that ...dialogue.....I suppose.

I like to think of authentic and true purpose that is congruent and solid, regardless of form or venue; balls to bone. And there are men like that. They are unusual and there is no doubt nor any dialogue necessary.
Hal's dialogue was on the mats. His results are a matter of record. So was Quanna Parker's. I drove to Port Lavaca Friday and hung out with Hal over the weekend. If Quannah were alive, I would befriend and visit him too.

As a result of our conversations in 2009, I went back to the mats as well. I was happy with my results. I also fine tuned my skills because of it. These videos I presented were taken between 2005-2010. I am happy with my improvement as well and would be excited to train with you in search for more skill and improvement.

Please take no offense when I say "your practice" of IS/IP or "mine". I accept, that even with a teacher who teaches you from an unaltered core method, one's practice is one's own. I am responsible for my practice, how i interpret it and how i use it.

I do not claim nor want to be the toughest guy on the block. I do want to experience the fullness of life while I am here and hang out with folks who intrigue me. I also want to survive the process.

John Gilbey, Jr. Perhaps. : )