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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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As I practice shamanism along the lines of Will Taegel, Jim Garrison and a host of other recognized professors with credible backgrounds at Wisdom University, I guess I have not limited myself in such a way. Others may experience such practice as going down a rabbit hole, and that is their rightZ


Results Chris...results.
We are talking about internal power. I know and have trained with several people of that persuasion who have no power at all. Were people like this to "have power" one can only ask why their martial arts look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. I see them throw and they go up on their toes, I see them making big moves that hardly effect anyone...and with all this good "shaministic power" they talk about...Okomoto and Angier....and do VERY poor imitations, mimicing their movements. I find it all very peculiar.
Results Chris...results.
In lue of that ...dialogue.....I suppose.

I like to think of authentic and true purpose that is congruent and solid, regardless of form or venue; balls to bone. And there are men like that. They are unusual and there is no doubt nor any dialogue necessary.