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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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I never said that simply disagreeing with me makes you a solopsist! That is what you are saying!
Again, you are coming up with an invalid counterargument.

Openness to listen to other people and exchange ideas forms the essence of dialogue. I never said that there was a requirement to accept ideas. That is what you are saying!
Again, that is an invalid counterargument.

A dialogue can give you new facts, new ideas, new insights. That might very well happen with persons who express a view that is not your own. If you are willing to listen that is.

Let there be no misunderstanding here. This is not about a difference of opinion between you and me on Aikido related matters. I am only expressing simple and basic principles of dialogue. You are in fact argueing against those principles. You may do that, but it leaves no place for dialogue. And that is what a forum is all about, is it not?
That makes sense Tom, truly. But... provided we leave out conclusions.
Dialoguing about those well known training models touches on triggers for many who have been asked for decades to believe and keep training and they will "get it," and then conversely being told they weren't thinking...all while having a verbal and physical dialogue with teachers who just could not, or would not.....teach.
Hence, some of the impatiance to just engage in even more dialogue with those who;
  • Don't have it
  • Don't really know how to get it
  • Doubt those who actually do...
  • And want to dialogue with them about their own ideas that fail time and time again.
  • Or tell them to go shout on a street corner for all they care.

For many here that sort of dialogue is BTDT. There is a growing group of Aikido teachers who are doing many of training models Ueshiba outlined. And...surprise works in the real world. And up against that...their method?
Does not.
Testing and conclusions is very dividing...hence people wanting to just dialogue...on the net.

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