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Sorry to put all of you on the defensive - My original post (and intent) meant to read "engage in banter and rhetoric . . . about someone you obviously don't know a whole lot about." If you knew more about Dan Sensei - and its not my job to tell - But if you did , all of your theories and mental constructs, ifs, ands and buts, would become meaningless.

All of your comments remind me how hard it is to have faith and believe in ourselves and other people. I agree that this discussion does come down to who could have taken who - and that is exactly what Dan meant by the relative world. To compare his decision to throw or not - or for him to even engage in combat - would be to relegate the encounter and situation into the dualistic world of Me Vs. Him. Whether it be ukemi or nage being relative to TKD and confrontation is still relativity!! You cannot compare Dan and the TKD for they are mutually exclusive and Dan chose to embody the absolute ideal - aikido.

His original post and story is in response to Aikido Journals thread about Daito Ryu's effectiveness Vs. Aikido's. Did anyone put his post in the context of that thread when writing their reply? Just curious as ever- kendo52
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