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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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I have not missed a point. I have expressed a 2500 year old principle on how to engage into a dialogue with valid points and valid counter-arguments.

Opinions and results are irrelevant here - they are your own responsibility. Using these principles of engagement you will either be able to convince the other of your view on things or it will be refuted. It is then up to you to come up with a better argument.

Being right or thinking that you are right is not enough. You have to come up with truthful and valid reasoning. Using untruthful points of argument or invalid counter-arguments or a sophism immediately disqualify your statement(s).

I am not arguing nor trying to convince anyone of anything.
I state fact and irrefutable results of training correctly that simply does not fail. And this work is well established.
It is beyond your ability to debate it.
It is best done in person.
It continues to win over at a rate of damn close to 100% of those who feel it, because;
a. it works
b. it can be taught
c. it yields incremental palpable results
d. I am a sweetheart!!!