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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Interesting that judgement has come up here on this thread. I'm glad it has for it is often used within spiritual circles and religious ie: 'Judge not less you be judged' etc.

The understanding missing as I see it is to do once again with what is meant by such sayings. It doesn't actually mean you must not judge.

Judge-mental would be a better word to use in that being judge-mental is the concept being put foreward by such people. What does that mean? It means being negative, judging negatively, that's all. That's the simplicity that negative people find hard to grasp.

So of course one must judge and does so in every aspect of their daily lives. You judge how far the handle of the door is away in order to grasp it and open the door.

This also brings me back to the spiritual in Aikido. Ueshiba tried to emphasize this point with Takemuso. Emphasizing the virtues. So of course many didn't understand him for they see no connection between those virtues and Ai or Ki or ability in action. Yet they are fundamental. They are part of the spiritual.

They are not to do with being polite or rituals.

Without judging how can you put anything into perspective?

The importance of virtues in action and that includes love and compassion etc is what makes Aikido and gives it that potentially all embracing aspect. On the spiritual it's paramount. Without it there is no Aikido from the spiritual perspective.

Yet another difference between the spiritual and I/P.