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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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The same could be said for you and others that make assumptions all the time. How do you know how good Graham is or how he feels and his understanding of anything when you have not met him?
By videos. Contrary to all hope....a connected body doesn't lie, nor does a disconnected one.
I have stopped analyzing them for the simple reason that it is increasingly obvious to the widening and educated crowds of teachers now training IP. I have dozens of letters of Shihan going back to their students and seeing them with new eyes and writing me that "My students are a mess!!"

They now see what I have been talking about for decades. That you and others do not see it, leaves us at an impasse. But I am not going to change my mind....ever. Apparently, neither are the hosts of people who now see what I see and are changing. Oddly...weirdly....inexplicably.....their stability and power and softness goes up as they train.
For the others?
Well, I think of what one of my Sensei wrote years ago:
Many people talk
Years go by
People still talking
Then you get up to demonstrate
Then everyone knows the truth.

I don't debate this stuff anymore Mary. I keep saying it over and over. The way the arts are practiced by the vast majority has either left people weak and ineffectual, or all muscle.
In person, from Shodan to Shihan they have failed. And you are not delivering.
IP concepts and practices out of China to Japan... as stated and practiced by Morihei Ueshiba fixes that.
What's left to debate? is fulfilling his goal....
Making friends around the world by and between every known Martial art I have ever seen. Aikido Shihan, on the mat practicing with Daito ryu, Koryu, Bjjers and Wing chun and Taiji people over and over. Gaining in power, learning to understand what we all were supposed to have shared, while making friends and having a ball.
I think it is very cool.


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