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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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I don't agree. That is your point. You consistently say others are wrong. The three fingers are pointing back at you.

Contests, in my opinion, are useless. There is always someone who says they are bigger or stronger. So what? When a person is teaching a class and leading the mind as many teachers do the students are set up before they walk in the door. They already think they suck and have given away their power.

A teacher can set up a situation to make it seem like their way is the only way. I have seen it. I can see it on AikiWeb.
The discussion is about spirituality and IP
Well you can try to arrest and kidnap terms and concepts that are well established and try to make them your own. Just don't get sensitive when someone tells you it sounds silly.
Internal strength/power is well established and your founder made no end of quoting classic concepts...exactly. Many of his doka...are not his. On any other day I would say he plagiarized the classics, but he was after all, a researcher and was being fair. Aikido was originally founded on well known IP concepts. The fact that no one I have met can do them, and few can intelligently discuss what Ueshiba WAS QUOTING is on you guys...not me. No matter what, it doesn't change the fact that IP was established, is quoted from China to Japan, and your founder quoted them to a tee.

You might want to make a case that Judaism means aliens made the sun and water faeries are going to take over mars. It's never going make your version of Judaism correct. You would simply be....wrong.

I don't think your model applies to me so I don't see it's relevance. I go to other peoples dojo...without my own ukes, or to neutral territory. Mostly it is static training, but I get in scraps as well with people not too fond of my message. So good.
I just don't know how to "set up" someone like Bill Gleason, Bruce Bookman, or accomplished BJJers like Chris Mckuen, so you need to help me out here. Just how did they think they suck?

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