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Re: Daito's Roppokai, Aiki Age, Aiki Sage and The Hammer

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Last week, I mentioned that using a hammer would be a good test of power. Two responses were of great interest.
1. Dan Harden stated, "That is total nonsense and makes a mockery of thousands of years of martial knowledge."
2. Howard Popkin respectfully disagreed with me.
I suspect all the misunderstanding has to do with the suchness of language; i.e. its limits, how we so often project what we think others mean, and perhaps even how our "Pain Body" (history of painful emotional experiences) may even skew what we think the other fellow means.
If you are going to quote me, then at least quote yourself accurately.
You did not say "Hammering was a good test of power" said this:
Chris Parkerson wrote:
Take a hammer and pound a large nail into wood with one or two strokes.
Every principle of efficiency in body mechanics is either there or it isn't.
And you can see the immediate results coming out of your stroke.
To which I stated
"That is total nonsense and makes a mockery of thousands of years of martial knowledge."

I grew up among a family of Contractors and weightlifters Chris. I could tap a 16d nail and drive it in with one stroke. I wouldn't give you a nickle for "all that contains" my martial arts. As for it containing every principle of efficiency in body mechanics.... Well, I guess I can only say that depends on what you know.

As for the rest of the post, I can only say shopping around the martial arts and "visiting this and that guy" and then going out and teaching: Okomoto does this, Kiyama does that, Angier does that is pretty popular, though not exactly a deep study of anything. Hideo is one of several Japanese examples, there are countless American ones. Not one of which has ever impressed me at all.
P.S. Discussions of Daito ryu belong in the Non Aikido section, not here. I know its popular but it's not "Daito's Roppokai... Daito ryu is a ryu.
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