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Steve Pilling
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Re: switch to yoshinkan or stay with aikikai??

thanks for the comments- i will going along to try as it seems that individual teachers are more important than the flavour of the aikido- I wanted to make sure that there wasnīt some big disadvantage that hadnīt occurred to me- just had some nagging doubts that i was overlooking something

Also i want to maximise my chances of finding the best style that suits me early in the dojo search rather than touring them all. I love the non-competitiveness of aikido but this of course brings big challenges in keeping the training realistic. Some training approaches seem to me to be more tai-chi like to me. I have nothing against tai-chi- (i did a couple of courses) but as i said i want the main focus to be on making aikido effective at least in my early learning phase.

There is another (aikikai) school that looks interesting that also does daito-ryu which interests me also to try.
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