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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Tom and Graham,

I think that. Love-based system can influence emergent holarchy.
Ants, slime mold and computer intelligence works on emergence according to Steven Johnson's book: Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software

While some ants go in one direction looking for food, others go on another. Some paths are dead ended, others become path finders for new food sources. The whole colony is fed by the collective energies of the tribe. Inter-being (Thich Nhat Han's term) is present in the activity of the colony.

I do not know whether one scout party argues with another. But both scout parties do have the agency to search where they will.

For humans to do the same, we first likely will need to parse the difference between faith and belief. I suspect we all have faith that Morehei Ueahiba, for instance, was onto a great realization of love and attempted to embody this spirit of love in his art. But faith and belief are very different things.

The faith I mention is quite primal and is near impossible (like the Tao) to describe in words. Belief, on the other hand, is about ideas on how this faith manifests in real time. Beliefs become dogmas. Dogmas differentiate and often isolate us from "inter-being". We use Dogmas to judge one another as to our correctness and from there, hierarchy is built. We shame and ridicule those who believe differently. We divide into camps and generate more heat than light when talking about where to look for the food.

Iconoclast that I am, I refuse to be in any camp. But I demand of myself the faith to build unity through love like jalahudin Rumi's stiry of the moth that flies into the flame.

Like that story, surrender is necessary for living emergence to arise. This is the "emerging" spiritual mindset that I see taking root around the world. And this is where I look for an internal power that trumps all previous practices. So, I choose not to judge another's experience even if they judge mine. That way, I try to be the change I want to see in this world. This world still has many fear-based folks who seek control rather than surrender. Thus, I suspect we will have some sort of inter-being Chrysalis where we all feel our very joints and marrow melts down within our cocoon (self-limiting judgments). But I will continue to long for the 100th monkey to do his part in being the change. His will not be like mine. But he has the freedom and agency to scout as he wishes for food.

Eventually we will all be in awe of the emergence. No heroes. Just "inter-being" and food for all...

Just a few thoughts from my own spiritual journey.
Bonjour Chris,

Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. There is a lot there that I agree with and you mentioned also a few things that are worth reflecting further on.

I don't know the book that you mentioned, but will certainly look into that. I am a bit more familiar with ants; they are an intriguing species that create alliances between different ant-groups, even if they do not belong to the same kind of ants. When I walk through the forest, I can go from one nest to the other and there is something magic about how they are all connected and recognize each other.

I have been reading the books and listening to the lectures of Thich Nath Hanh for more then three decades by now and he remains an ongoing source of inspiration. Plum village is not far from here. He has quite a following here in France.

Your difference between faith and belief seems similar to Plato's difference between dogma and sophia (wisdom). According to Plato people tend to stay in their cave discussing the shadows of reality (dogmas) instead of going towards the light of wisdom. Once wisdom has been reached there is no real point anymore in discussing dogma. A similar idea can be found in Buddhism and Taoism.
And although I sometimes seem to get caught up in pointless discussions, I always try to keep this idea in mind.

Not judging is essential for any connection that we make. Problem is that we live in a judgmental society. Even Thich Nath Hanh once lost a sangha because of internal political debates about control and dogmatic judgments. I see that too much in Aikido as well. I have always tried to stay away from Aikido politics and have kept an open mind to all Aikido styles. I have come across a lot of serious practicioners of Aikido who, like you, have come to really inspiring thoughts and skills. But I have also come across quite a few who shout their opinion in your face, but lack genuine depth of knowledge.

The story of the 100th monkey has been proven to be wrong. Sadly it does not work like that.

I do see an emerging spiritual mindset around me, but I am still a bit cautious about whether this will last and grow. But I like your approach; to be the change that you want see in this world. Will keep that in mind!
Hope to read more about your spiritual journey in the future.
Thank you!

Kind regards,