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graham christian
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Nice Chris. I like your view. I have a similar view on faith too.

Interbeing, that's a cute way of putting it by the Author. I understand the concept and have a video on how there is communication between plants and tres etc via what can only be described as like an internet through the ground. All these things are fascinating.

I would differentiate here in this fashion. Communication. Colonies of ants and bees etc acting 'as one' so to speak have an intricate system of communication and so it's still very physical and programmed. Thus they don't or can't generally escape that specific program. Although it's very awe inspiring it is also nonetheless robotic.

Thus it could be 'natural' emergence within the framework of the program though.

Love and spiritual are outside, beyond this type of emergence. I have never met a wise ant or bee.

Some trees on the other hand, well that's another story....

Thus Aikido to me is potentially the wisest of all martial arts. The one which has the techniques and ways of harmonious movement to improve the 'opponent'.