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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You can't use or have ever demonstrated IP/IS and by your own writing reveal you know nothing at all about it. I find it curious to then read you making a comparison of something you know nothing about

Morihei Ueshiba continuously quoted the Internal arts training concepts. He then went on to continuously demonstrate- in the same fashion many internal arts did- with push tests.

a. You cannot discuss them, so you ridicule us (as paranoid?)
b. You can do nothing of this (so you discredit it's worth)

Many of us can read what he said and do what he did to one degree or another. You...cannot. Hence, the movement to now get away from the Ueshiba standard (that so few of you can even approach) and try to redefine his work as something that you CAN do, at any cost.

You, and many Shihan and advanced teachers have disqualified yourself from any discussion of Ueshiba by your own hand. As time moves on, more and more of you are going to be tested when you appear in public-well, that's already happening anyway.
The smart teachers will do one of two things; Avoid and/or reduce public exposure or...............change.
As One Shihan recently wrote; we can stand on the street corner and shout for all he cared. That's fair and that's fine, as long as he doesn't touch hands with us. More and more of us will continue to use Ueshiba's training model and there will be nothing you can do but to stare in wonder....just as they did with Ueshiba
Only one of us is correct. And only one of us can and has proven it...over and over.

I openly state that those who continue to discount this work are going to slip away into the mist. The value of Ueshiba's work stood against challenge then and it does now. Whats left....avoid challenge.

There's really nothing to say when you cannot withstand it. As I said in another thread; people still want to debate when thousands of you have consistently and continuously failed in person.
What's left to debate?
The nature of your failure?
The quality of your misunderstanding?
How little effort it takes to show you?

Thankfully his work continues to unite many who are thrilled to finally get it...after decades in the wrong direction.
By my own writing Dan I have met people who use forms of internal so therefor I must know something about it. It has existed for a long time you know. Your particular I have tasted baked beans but not some brands of. So I can compare lentils to baked beans. Hope that clears your confusion.

I neither discredit, ridicule or say 'you' are paranoid

What I do many others call internal but it is me who says I don't call it such.

I choose to call it spiritual or universal.

I'm glad your 'model' is working for you and others.

What are you on about 'push tests'? Like it's something new. Shows how little you know about me.

Oh well, believe what you wish but tell me about me? Ha, ha. Good jokes.

Peace. G.