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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Historical Emergent holarchy -
In the Old Testament - book of Judges.
No king, just a bunch of tribal shepherds. But during a crisis, a skilled person emerges with the tools to navigate the. Crisis.

WWII - German SS troops knew in the field who should be in charge. It was the guy who emerged and proved his skills within the context of battle.

Modern - in new age community, heirRchy is replaced by holarchy through round table (Tribal) councils. Wisdom university, for instance, Jim Garrison gave up the presidency and now shares it equally between 3 people. The larger council sits with them but the student body sits in a circle surrounding them all during their annual leadership course. Students also participate in most levels of curriculum development and doctoral review.

Hierarchy (encyclopedia britanica's old style of printing annual volumes is replaced by wikipedia and group consciousness emerges with accurate data va collaboration.
So back to the original question of such 1) being based on love. 2)replacing what you desribe as hierarchical dogmas.

Oh, and you also have the word wisdom there too in the first.

So I would say that any structure based on wisdom is obviously best. I would qualify this and say wisdom comes from love and goodness so then such structures would be love based.

The key is plain and simple love and wisdom. With it then maybe most systems would be good.

You could have such as a 'dictatorship' type of system of which kingdoms were also, yet if run on the principles of love and wisdom would be great. The same goes for democracies too. So for me it's not so much the system it's the nonsense attached to them.

Group doesn't necessarily equal more wise.

I don't quite believe your S.S. type view or the others given as standard procedure but I can see how that would be best in such circumstances in the field. If it has a wise man in charge then such people would be given the relevant positions of Authority yes. If not then the usual command structure chaos.

So systems which help the wise float to the top like cream are good whatever they are.

That's my view.

Peace. G.