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graham christian
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Hey Graham,

I had an idea about spirituality and Aikido. I would love your insight.

Postulate#1 aikido promotes love and harmony.
Postulate #2 big changes are occurring in society regarding how love-based living expresses itself in distinction to fear-based lifestyling. One love-based concept is to trust emergence and surrender to group wisdom. In contradistinction, fear based folks tend to create hierarchies and only trust heirarchically appointed leadership.

Issue: can we allow for emergent holarchies? Can wick trump hierarchical dogmas?
I see they can both be fear based. The loved based one you mention I don't see any connection between trusting in emergence and group wisdom. Emergent holarchies? Without inspection I have never heard of such so my first thought is that it's more intellectual nonsense.

I will check it up and get back to you.

The subject seems to be more about hierarchies that your questioning and how the principles of love fit. Is that so?

Anyway, got to go out now, get back to you later.