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andrew wrote:
Anybody been injured by weapons practice?
There must be some lessons to be learned from some of you...
Yea, don't use live blades. They wind up in someone. I have a standing rule and that is any time someone pulls a live blade for tanto practice I get off the mat, go home and never revisit that dojo. Ever.

Like Ian I've had a knife inserted in my body. My instructor decided that I wasn't aware enough and that a live blade would do the trick. I'm convinced she wanted to play with her new toy. Anyways, my technique was good enough and nothing happened there. What did happen is that while the senior instructor (he was leading the class, she was helping me prep for a test) was showing me what happens when you don't pin properly he stuck the knife in my shoulder. He was just careless and I stupidly trusted him. Off to the hospital I went.

The kicker is that the dumbass (yes, that would be a person with the title sensei) instructor got the knife out a week later, which is why I'm convinced it was a toy. Anyways, justice was well served as she proceeded to get herself cut. She finally figured out that knives were not a good thing on the mat after that.

It still amazes me that sending your senior student off to the hospital with a knife wound wasn't enough and that this person was so stupid that she did it again. No dunce cap can possibly be large enough for her.

Anyone playing with live knives on a regular basis is either insane or an idiot. There are so many safer alternatives that it just makes no sense whatsoever.
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