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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post

Telling someone their views are stupid is generally regarded as impolite.

Have you ever heard the phrase "on a wronger"? You do something wrong (e.g.: stereotype people because of their nationality, claim to know what a phenomenon that can only be felt is, without feeling it etc) and everything you do to make out that you didn't do something wrong just makes it "wronger". I recall you getting an offer on this forum to meet and train with someone who is at the centre of most of these discussions on IP. You had a chance but you refused and yet you still appear to want to be part of a debate about something that can only be felt, without actually feeling it.

You could be a voice providing us with information on IP from another viewpoint. However you appear unwilling to get into a position in which you can actually experience the phenomenon being discussed. If you get another chance, all these preceding spiels without any backup just lessen your reliability as a witness so when you do get hold of one of these people, it will be difficult for some to take what you say seriously.

You contribute a lot to this forum. One thing I appreciate, regardless of whether I agree with you is that I get to look at things from your point of view. The more you inform that view, the better for all of us.

Carl, I think you misread it. I said stereotyping is stupid of itself.

Recall if you will that I have said I have trained with people who do various forms of Internal. Recall also I have met one who is trying some of the methods from the person you refer to. So note I have met many in the past. Recall if you will I have never said it is useless or wrong or any such thing. So note I can and have given opinions on having felt it and it's nothing new to me.

Now, to this new 'breed' of I/P meaning this new 'way of disseminating and practicing it' then you may well say I have not been in contact with to any great degree at all. How could I, it's new.

I accept offers from those who I believe have something of worth for me or for various other reasons. I refuse offers for various reasons too as do you no doubt and everyone else. So the fact that one person I see no need to meet or train with seems to hold some significance to you I'll just leave with you and whoever else.

Let me give you a reality: In life now I do not go searching for any extra something with regards to Aikido so I need not meet anyone offering something 'new'. That's me circa now.

I meet 90% of the time only those who want to learn what I have to teach, the other ten percent (probably even less) is to share.

You do not have to feel something to understand so if you believe that then therein lies our difference of view. Sometimes you do. Add to that the fact that what you feel of itself means what exactly? Not much. It doesn't mean much at all really until you can personally do it yourself. It's just something that is a part of all training everywhere in the process of learning not some special outstanding golden rule.

I've said before and will say again, dilettantes love to feel and say it has to be felt. I have no time for such. It's interesting only from the view that the person reporting translated what they felt. Beyond that I see no relevance. It's relevance is only in relation to if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise it's just good gossip.