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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
No stereotype there Kevin. Many have spent more time living abroad??? That sounds stereotypical.

The Americans I mentioned or was referring to were those who took great time and repeated effort to tell me to 'get out more'. Those 'few'. Therefor, with such a strange view I concluded they must have a strange view of London. As I said, they talked about getting out more like it was all new to them and beneficial yet I've never heard anyone over here say such things as it's normal.

By the way, stereotypical and Americans? I doubt you know what the views over here are for it's not polite to say such things plus all such views are pretty stupid anyway.


Telling someone their views are stupid is generally regarded as impolite.

Have you ever heard the phrase "on a wronger"? You do something wrong (e.g.: stereotype people because of their nationality, claim to know what a phenomenon that can only be felt is, without feeling it etc) and everything you do to make out that you didn't do something wrong just makes it "wronger". I recall you getting an offer on this forum to meet and train with someone who is at the centre of most of these discussions on IP. You had a chance but you refused and yet you still appear to want to be part of a debate about something that can only be felt, without actually feeling it.

You could be a voice providing us with information on IP from another viewpoint. However you appear unwilling to get into a position in which you can actually experience the phenomenon being discussed. If you get another chance, all these preceding spiels without any backup just lessen your reliability as a witness so when you do get hold of one of these people, it will be difficult for some to take what you say seriously.

You contribute a lot to this forum. One thing I appreciate, regardless of whether I agree with you is that I get to look at things from your point of view. The more you inform that view, the better for all of us.