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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I like the stereotype of "you Americans". The irony of this is that many of "you Americans" have spent more time living abroad than in the United States. Just thought I'd point that out. Kind of telling if you ask me. That is, concerning the assumptions and sweeping generalizations that one makes concerning others. Just saying.

I find that most folks on aikiweb to have a pretty wide experience base and world view and open mind which I like a a lot. It is kinda a downer really when this is not the case.

For someone claiming to have insight on spirituality as it relates to humanity, this is kind of counter to that if you ask me.
No stereotype there Kevin. Many have spent more time living abroad??? That sounds stereotypical.

The Americans I mentioned or was referring to were those who took great time and repeated effort to tell me to 'get out more'. Those 'few'. Therefor, with such a strange view I concluded they must have a strange view of London. As I said, they talked about getting out more like it was all new to them and beneficial yet I've never heard anyone over here say such things as it's normal.

By the way, stereotypical and Americans? I doubt you know what the views over here are for it's not polite to say such things plus all such views are pretty stupid anyway.