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Re: switch to yoshinkan or stay with aikikai??

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
Generally speaking Yoshinkan has more emphasis on martiallity and self defence than the majority of Aikikai style dojo and in lieu of Shodokan (which I know and love) that would be my choice.

Yoshinkan does have a strong emphasis in basics including quite rigid step by step moves that can be quite maddening to learn if you have background in any other style. With my background I feel that transitioning to Yoshinkan would be more than a little tough although when I invited Yoshinkan teachers to my club in Himeji everyone felt right at home.

With good teachers in can be just as difficult to transition to a different Aikikai type club - it really depends on how close the teachers are related.

So here's the thing - I will be leaving the Far East for a new position in the next 2-3 months and one of two possible places in Munich. Please let me know how your search goes. I am looking for insight.

Peter R.
thanks for the comments and good luck with the new position- Munich is a great place and you could do worse than come here.

A part of me finds a strong emphasis on basics to be a good thing but then of course it is nice also to have some variety in training as well.
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