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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Daniel James wrote: View Post
Neato...some of those diagrams look familiar ...

Aikiphysics II - biomechanics of throwing (musings on the topic and a work in progress )
I wonder if Bill would be amenable to conversation?

I liked your term "freezing the base". Did you get it from the Indonesian arts? I have seen silat and Kali traditions talk about pocking in a way that causes the opponent to have to "unstick" themselves and find another angle of attack. One system called it "Old Man's hand". So I did what I do and the guri said, "Yes, that's it."
All paths lead to the same root I guess. The difference I have noted is in the manner in which
Tori causes weight to be dropped onto uke's frame. Many try to do this by using muscle to push
with. My experience with this method is that you rely on short leverage and upper body.
But if you use a series of relaxation ( thighs, pelvis, rhomboids, shoulders, humerus, then forearms) long leverage is applied, gravity and momentum aided by your mass and the earth, create great weight without effort or over commitment.

This is how I also deposit weight on the inside seam. Any reflection on this from your experience?



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