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I know there have been heaps of threads asking similar questions, but I'm interested if anyone has any tips for me leading up to a grading.

I'm a bit nervous because I only started this style at the beginning of this year. I graded up to 1st kyu in a style called fuji-ryu. I switched to honbu-style aikikai and did that for 4 years, grading up to shodan. I then did Nishio-style for about a year and a half without grading. Now I'm doing Yuishinkai, and I'm looking to grade to 2nd-dan. I have to say that with all that changing around, things have got a bit muddled for me, and I'm still trying to work out what elements I want to include in my aikido. My current teacher is very supportive of this, and isn't too fussed about having technically "correct" techniques according to his "style".

Anyway, is there anything I should do or think about in the few months leading up to the grading? I've mostly been focusing on trying to get my sword work right. I'm really not sure what they expect from me in the grading...
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