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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Lars Beyer wrote: View Post
I won´t, but this is the lineage I study

Enjoy !

Hi Lars,
As it happens Chiba Sensei [as did most everybody] considered Saito Sensei a great man.Have you read Chiba Senseis eulogy in relation to Saito Sensei passing on the net?The volumes relating to Saito Sensei [Takemusu aiki]did much to bring knowledge of Riai to early 70s Aikidoka.So in a nutshell I personally admire Saito Sensei and his legacy.However Saito Sensei , great as he may have been, does not imo have all the answers.There are a few innovators in Aikiken /Aikijo still active.I simply mentioned two other Shihan. No more no less. Cheers, Joe.
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