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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Daniel James wrote: View Post
Inner seam/ outer seam - very nice analogy instead of resorting to COG and BOS nomenclature and conveys the idea well. Wondering of course that when weight is transferred to a single leg that perhaps both inner and outer seams are outer seams ..but i get the idea...nice
Funny how we all create nomenclature that is meaningful to ourselves and hopefully to others. The uke in these clips is Bill Dockery. He would call what I am doing "crunch box" and "stretch box" - referring to what a cereal box looks like when one side is compromised. In fact, Bill wrote a book about his experience as uke when Moe Stevens and I started collaborating.

One of the models Bill came up with was his understanding of Baqua and palm changes. In fact, that one really spoke to me was simply "closing the Kua of uke's far hip" makes for some great air throws.
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