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graham christian
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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Hi Chris.
Never use the terms you describe but understand your explanation. I can only give you my experience which may or may not relate. Having said that when seeing this with your explanation it does remind me of when I have met some who do certain things similar and I can't help translating it into a simplicity. (once again, just how I relate in my way)

When you mention center and moving his center to a specific location, outside what seems to be from what you say 'the norm' I see basically one thing, something I used to practice a long time ago with Ki development exercises.

We used to practice diligently the principles laid down by Tohei and this reminds me of all the advanced exercises we did with 'one point.' The point here is we did them to the point of being able to put one point anywhere and observe the various effects.

Now I will take time to explain something for you so that you can see where I am coming from.

I teach one point is different to center. I teach one point is first taught the same as center but later that it is in fact different and is a created thing. Thus center is center and is always center and cannot be moved. One point is a discipline, something you create and use from center and later from wherever you want.

Now, Ki extending from center is thus always stable and from the same point always. The difference being is that when another may be trying to move my center or do what they usually call kazushi and find they cant do it is because I know center cant be moved. Your attention can be moved off of center, your mind can be moved off of center etc. but the conclusion most come to is that they moved your center. Not true in my book.

So back to the point. The practice or advanced practice of 'one point' and the theory of was to do with what you could call basic mechanics, albeit spiritual or if some prefer to call it, mental. This basic mechanic, not body mechanics, is not unlike what is known in physics and energy. Energy travels from one terminal to another, point 'a' to point 'b'. The other factor involved is space, distance. There has to be a distance for a flow or 'current' in elctricity for example between the two terminals to occur. From 'positive' to 'negative' as they describe it in elctrical terms.

So basically for energy to flow it needs a stable point to flow to. So do you see where I'm going with this?

By putting a point, one point, somewhere very specific then your Ki will flow to it. Basic mechanics. From your center to that point. Add to that other things like you can thus lead their mind to that point or their attention or even their one poit then I think you get where I am coming from.

Just Ki development exercises we used to do and still do that I thought may add a little something to your enquiry.

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