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Re: Being Committed to Aiki

Being Committed to Aiki

Nonetheless, any and all who would declare themselves to be genuine "students" of the Aikido of the Founder, should examine carefully, after doing their honest "due diligence", and after carefully examining their fundamental reasons for choosing to create their own Aikido, and fully know why they have decided to align their growth and development with the Founder's theories, techniques and unique philosophy. Without this conscious and honest self affirmation, such a powerful commitment may be doomed before it is is begun.

Francis Takahashi
I like your article though I am confused some with the sense I feel that lingered after I read it, something I just could not put my finger on.

The paragraph above sends me a mixed message as it is not clear to me after 38 years of involvement who actually has a true grasp of what the Founder Aikido really was or is.......this aside from all the comments i am sure will follow this. You know me enough and have seen me around enough to know I have trained with any number of individuals, you included, and none of these individual presented a constance continuing reflection of the same approach or understanding of what is called Aikido..........and none talked, showed or demonstrated the how of the "Aiki" part........ at least as I understand it now, that being the IP/IS/Intent/six direction/one body sort of thing.......can't do it to my satisfaction yet....... but it took me more than 30 years of my journey to get close.

So I am not sure if you are saying that we must follow and be committed to ( I guess the Aikikai approach) on a daily basis or we are just doing our own thing and maybe as just part time practice?

Help me out here.


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