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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I don't Judge Dan, which you imply. I don't give technical anything with relation to what you have done for x years or anyone elses technical ability on here for that matter.

I am in a position however to judge, based on my experience, given as such, thank you very much. I can judge and give my opinion on all the various 'types' I have encountered.
Just my point, you don't have any experience here, and you haven't encountered the one guy that most of us are talking about when these things come up.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post

Maybe it's cultural, meaning I don't think you Americans especially realize just how many people a person born and raised in London and involved in martial arts for many years has met. In fact couldn't avoid meeting. In the U.S. with it's great wide spaces and distances maybe a lot of you don't meet many folks from other arts etc. and so getting out is a big thing to you. It always seemed like normal procedure to me and my friends and part of the adventure.
Last time I looked, New York (born and raised) was larger than London. So is Tokyo, where I lived for many years - and I'm willing to bet there are a few more dojo there than in London, too. Your point is?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Here's a good question for you: Does I/P result in the persons communication being less negative? Does it result in being more stable, more certain and positive and at the same time averse to putting others down and gossiping and ridiculing others ways.? In other words, does it lead to better behaviour as like O'Sensei for instance? True spiritual disciplines tend to do this.

Like conventional Aikido? The track record for conventional Aikido in this area really isn't very good - I suppose that IP doesn't do any worse.