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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Hi Chris Hein,

Actually the skills are an extension of small circle techniques I have used and tested.
Indeed, my competitive push hand bout with Tim Hwang required much smaller circles than these.
That was a great venue for learning as he has great skill in hiding his center of gravity and posture.
In bodyguard work, it is true, I sneak up on a target, not using speed - but using same pace of movement and sympathetic motion.

My uke is being "neutral". He is neither trying to punk me nor is he just going into the ukemi. You can tell this by watching closely. He doesn't get Ahead of me and his giggle is one of releasing mental tension in a mild form of bewilderment.
This recording was nearly the first time I pulled it on him.

My ultimate goal is to be able to do this with the flat side of my tactical folding knife. Using the
outward seam and ikkyo curve is easy for me these days. And doing so with the side of a live
blade does not cut uke. thus, it leaves compassionate options intact.

The strategy is influenced by Yanagi - whose art stresses thwarting attacks by making the Ike unstable, creating angles where they cannot attack back, and causing them to fall on your blade. Thus
you see in the neck throw (Kiri Tori) my knife remains on the uke - gutting him and castrating or
cutting his femoral artery. My arm is not rising to help the throw. It is following uke with a long filet.

The final throw is my knife to the kidney throw. It also can be a knife to the brachial artery throw.

I am not sensitive enough to make the inner seam throw (implosion) with my wooden tanto yet. But soon..... : )

Thanks for you input.

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