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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Haven't come out to meet it? Please...... Despite multiple offers?........Good joke.

There's only been one person I've said no to. I said on numerous occasions I've 'felt' plenty of internal stuff over the years. In fact I'm surprised how it appears many of you hadn't. So don't bother with the get out and meet type of responses.

As it happens I have met one person who has trained once or twice with Dan for example. The only difference with that is the method of teaching and learning and practicing it is it not?.
Nope, not at all, that's why IHTBF. I would hesitate to judge Dan or anybody else by meeting someone who trained with them twice. I've been working with Dan since 2010, and I make very sure that people don't judge what he does or can do by the little that I'm able to show.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I use the same type of response to those who come saying or asking about a martial expert or an I/P expert or a spiritual master of some kind or other, it makes no difference to me. I merely ask 'what good do they do with it in life?' 'Who do they help?' That's all. For to me if they don't use it in that way then I'm not interested or impressed and see it merely as a waste of time.
Which is fine for you - but doesn't put you in any position to make technical statements about something that you've never experienced.