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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Whoa. There is a problem with this kind of approach. You are talking about subtle energies here. I have no doubt that your partner wants to feel the subtle energy, and is being as cooperative as possible.

This gives us two possible answers to what we are seeing.

A: You've discovered something worth researching

B: Your partner wants you to discover something worth researching, so he's adding a lot to what's happening.

If "A" is what happened, you'll have to start testing your findings against less and less cooperative subjects, that is if you are interested in using your findings in a martial context(a naturally noncooperative environment). The problem you will start to get here, is the less cooperative your partner, the more challenging it will be for you to do it. This may lead to the very real possibility that even if you have found something, it cannot be done with much effect on a noncooperative person, or that you may never get the opportunity (because of the required movement) to do this on a noncooperative person.

With this we must also ask, what type of context do you see this type of move being useful in? In a martial context where you are using surprise as your modus operandi, you may not need to worry about things like challenging movement, because you plan to surprise you attacker with it. But will this have an effect on someone who you surprise with the action? If you believe this to be true, then you'll have to begin research on people who don't know this is coming. The also leads to a problem of, can you do this fast enough to "surprise" someone, or does doing this take to long.

If "B" is true (your partner wants it to happen so badly that he is actually doing all the work), then you don't have anything further to research, at least as far as your original premise goes.

In my opinion you need to do much more research before we could even begin to draw any conclusions about what we are seeing. If you would like any further feedback from the Aikido community as a whole, I would make a montage type video, showing you performing this on at least 10 different subjects, with varying amounts of resistance and surprise. Choosing subjects who have had limited interaction with you, from various walks of life would be ideal. Getting any real findings on subtle energy is very hard, because of it's subtle nature.

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