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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective

A sponge is simultaneously full and empty. A glass may be full of air but empty of water. The road to the dojo may be full of traffic, but if there are no empty spaces, you cannot make progress toward your goal. A lover may be full of love for the beloved, but without openings, fullness cannot be exchanged.

I've come to see Aiki as the relation between the solid and the empty. We are all solid beings, but we are surrounded by empty space. If I can make space for my partner, there is no collision of solids. If I move with my partner, we become one solid moving through emptiness without collision. If I move into my partner, but only by putting my solid parts into their empty places, then there is no collision. Someone who understands only this can discover all the classic forms of waza, and more.

This is why this matters to me.

Thanks for letting me speak, and for the exchange, and for the kind words. It's good when we can come together.
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