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Re: Being Committed to Aiki

Hello Francis, we met during the last Aikido cruise (2006) and I was fortunate to have had you as a training partner a few times during the various sessions. I want to thank you for sharing then as well as sharing your insights contained in this article. I find it a shame that most of this thread has evolved into a discussion of the definition of Aiki since I think the gist of your article was on commitment and not aiki - maybe you should have just called it "The Importance of Commitment to the Principles of your Training"

I think the work that is going on with revisiting and looking at old documentation with a new insight based on updated translations is a good thing and I am sure it will eventually help re-write the definitions of some of the concepts and principles that many of us have committed to so many years ago. I am one of those folks on the new Aiki bandwagon, but when I read your article I knew you were referring to the Aiki principles that you had spent many years adhering to and I did not find it necessary to challenge you with the new definitions - I consider you a perfect gentleman, an eloquent writer, and I commend you for many years of selfless sharing of your Aikido over the years - you deserve the respect and admiration of all those that have come after you on this path.

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