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Re: Being Committed to Aiki

Thank you, Francis for this column. It made me think of my choice to let go of teaching self-defense.

When I first started training in Aikido I was very weak and vulnerable. I had crazy ideas about what was right and what was wrong. I thought I was a victim in most circumstances.

After training for about a year I started seeking out self-defense classes. I took a lot of different classes and started reading and writing about self-defense. I eventually started teaching self-defense, giving seminars and teaching part time at a local community college. I did this for 14 years thinking it was my path. And it was my path for that time. All this time I continued to train daily in Aikido. One day I woke up and knew I was healed. My issues that needed self-defense had passed into the wind. I was free to let go of fear-based training. Now I train to become more peaceful and free. I train only in Aikido. I let go of my job teaching self-defense because it was not my path anymore.

For me, Aikido training is daily, special and sacred. Others may tread their own paths. Sometimes my head turns at what they say or do but it really has nothing to do with me. It is just a distraction from the truth that happens on the mat. Thanks again, for making me think.

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