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Re: Outer Seams and Ikkyo Curve (OK) but Inner Seams???

Lyle Laizure wrote: View Post
The video didn't play well on my computer so I could not see what is going on.
I am shifting Bill's center to his far leg, then dropping down his inner thigh
instead of taking the technique to a point outside his base. His hip gets locked and then his structure implodes into itself rather than falling over itself.

Now I have experimented with toppling people on points all around what George Leydyard calls the seam; perhaps even identifying 100 points of throw in specific. But this was new to me in the sense that I did not use the ikkyo curve or seam to make the throw happen.

It made me wonder, is there an "inner seam" and how many points of throw does it contain?
Perhaps this clip is a decent contrast. The first throw is an implosion, the second and third are
throws over traditional points on the outer seam using ikkyo curve.

Gratitude to all who care to respond,


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