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Re: Aint Nikkyo Fascinating!

Frrom - IHTBF - " Kenshiro Abbe - Trying to Catch the Wind"
During our trip, I asked Sensei how he met O-sensei. He said he was travelling across Japan to another judo competition when an old man sat opposite him. He said he was aware that the man was staring at him, and then the man said, "I know who you are!"

Abbe sensei modestly replied "Everyone knows who I am. Who are you?" The man explained who and what he was. Abbe was tired and needed to sleep, but the man continued to talk. Abbe politely asked him to be quiet. The man suddenly stuck his small finger in Abbe's face and demanded, "You are a strong young man. Break my finger." Abbe said he needed to sleep, so he grabbed the man's finger, intending to snap it like a twig. He suddenly found himself on the carriage floor in agony. It was then that he asked Osensei if he could study with him.

I did not question Abbe Sensei too much about this event - you just didn't in those days.
I have often wondered if Osensei turned the technique into Nikkyo ? - The more I think about it the more it seems possible.

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