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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Time for a differentiation, or should I say my differentiation between Aikido and i/p.

I notice lately it's become more 'regular' to use the word 'aiki' to represent i/p as if it is the natural aiki of aikido. This I believe is far from the case and thus the purpose of this thread.

I/P is given as tracing from chinese this and that and seen as being 'hidden' from the western or even those outside certain inner circles. This may well be the case in a lot of instances but the paranoia that goes with it I find amusing. Firstly because I think it doesn't apply to Ueshibas Aikido and secondly because it is possible for most in this day and age, if they are dedicated enough to go and find a good teacher of such things.

So what's the big secret? Nothing.

Back to Aikido. Here's the thing, Ueshiba's Aikido was not to do with internal power as per I/P or I/S. It was different. In fact I would say that i/p is more for health, body health.
Well, there's still a lot of restricted information, although things have opened up quite a bit compared to past years. Also, there really aren't all that many people who are both willing and able to teach this stuff, so it's not quite that easy.

In any case, I see that you have some pretty firm opinions about what people are doing even though you haven't, despite multiple offers and invitations, ever come out to feel it.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Purpose. You would have to look at purpose. After the war Ueshiba gave a new purpose and said this path could be trodden through this martial art called Aikido. It was given as a spiritual path which would lead to enlightenment and bring peace and harmony to the world. A spiritual path.
I touched on it a little bit here and again here, but the idea that Morihei Ueshiba originated a new purpose to martial training involving peace and enlightenment is demonstrably false.

That paradigm has existed for thousands of years, in many lands.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post

To me it's obvious, it's hidden in plain sight. Why go backwards?

No one going backwards around here...I thought that we were being accused of being too forwards.